Creative Strategic Thinking

​The words vision, strategy, mission and values are words bandied around a lot in the corporate world. But what do they actually mean and how can you make them more than just words?

This gives an introduction to the idea of strategic thinking and more importantly provides some practical tools and techniques for turning strategy into reality.To stimulate new ways of thinking within the business so as to create a constant stream of fresh and original ideas.

Stretching the boundaries in everyday thinking, leading to an inspired and innovative attitude to new possibilities.

How to generate new ideas
Make it quickly and easily

Eureka experience

The phenomenon of having sudden key insights after one has carefully considered the facts and, unable to find a solution, turned to other things – the famous “eureka” experience.

Deliberate method

Deliberate creativity uses thinking techniques to spark off new ideas. When you get stuck on a problem and instead of trying to push through it by working harder, deliberately slow down, calm your mind and allow your thoughts to wander.

Creativity as an accident or skill

People accidentally created a lot of important things. But we believe, creativity is a skill that you use to create stuff. In order to use a skill, it must be well planted into our brains so that we don’t have to think about it while we’re doing it.

Skills which developed by sustained practice

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    People are the engines of creative practice

    Many times, just seeing the separate components of an issue will trigger new inventive solutions.
    It activates your mind to go in new directions. Creativity is a team sport, and you’ll generate
    better ideas if you harness the brainpower of others.

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    Creative decisions

    Is creativeness a mystical force that leading people into creating all of that stuff? We stay at
    the point, that everyone could approach creativity step by step. We are creating something new
    every time we produce a sentence that we’ve never produced before. The process is very roughly
    same with every creative action and decision we make.

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    Does brainstorming work or not?

    Group brainstorming sessions can sometimes be frustrating and unproductive. A simple way to overcome
    this is to break a large group into smaller teams of two or three people. Working in pairs makes
    people more focused. Five groups of two can generate far more ideas in the same amount of time than
    one group of ten.

Heros Behind the Company

I am Michael Anthony Adams, a career and life coach, creativity coach and mentor. Bachelor of Arts from National University of Singapore, where I majored in Psyhology. CEO at Learn About One. I have contributed to publications such at several newspapers and magazines. My philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning. I work towards enhancing the well-being of my clients by empowering them with the knowledge, skills and support. My greatest dream is to inspire you to take the personal journey of creative discovery.

Michael Anthony Adams

A career and life coach, creativity coach and mentor

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